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Additional Points of Interest

  • The Basilica

    To this day, the three-aisled Stiftskirche Basilica with its impressive belfry dominates Aschaffenburg’s architectural silhouette and the various stages of its construction from the late Romanesque to the 19th century can be observed. The church is a spiritual centre and with its many artworks an important art treasure of the region.

    The Basilica

    Stiftsplatz mit Stiftsbasilika.

  • Pompejanum

    The Bavarian kings’ love of antiquity

    Inspired by the excavations at Pompeii, King Ludwig I had an ideal replica of a Roman villa built by his architect Friedrich von Gärtner beginning in 1840. Today it houses valuable objects from the State Antiquities Collection.



  • Park Schönbusch

    Garden landscape of international rank

    When the former electoral game park was redesigned in the English style beginning in 1775, one of the earliest and most important garden landscapes in Germany was created. In addition to the Romantic accent of several “temples,” Schönbusch Palace served as a place of retreat for the archbishops.


    Park Schönbusch

    Carl Richard, Ansicht Schloss Schönbusch, Ausschnitt, 1840