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Museum of Jewish History and Culture: Witness to the former Jewish community

Museum of Jewish History and Culture

The permanent exhibition on the history of the former Jewish community in Aschaffenburg extends from the first mention in 1267 to the persecution under the Nazis.

  • Rabbinate house and synagogue
    The rabbinate house in which the museum is located today once stood in close vicinity to the synagogue, built in 1891–93. 
  • Religious Objects
    The museum exhibits numerous religious objects that are part of annual Jewish celebrations and holidays.
  • Tora Wimpels
    The museum owns thirty-three Tora wimpels dating from 1787 to 1933, which are shown in an alternating display, three at a time. Torah wimpels are rare examples of objects of personal life, created from the circumcision swaddling-cloths of Jewish boys.
  • Jewish Business World
    In 1933 there were more than a hundred Jewish shops and businesses in Aschaffenburg. Photographs, shop signs, advertisements, and packaging materials give an impression of the formerly rich offerings.
  • 3-D reconstruction of the synagogue
    A model shows the urban layout and a film with a 3-D reconstruction of the synagogue, destroyed during Kristallnacht in 1938, vividly presents the imposing former building.
  • Family Research
    Together with the Stadt- und Stiftsarchiv, the Museums of the City of Aschaffenburg help with genealogical research and answer questions from around the world.
  • The History of the Museum
    Already in 1984 the “Jewish Documentation Center” was opened in the former rabbinate house. In 2007 it was renamed the Museum of Jewish History and Culture. The small collection has grown continuously in recent years.
  • Guided Tours
    In cooperation with the Aschaffenburg Tour Guide Network, guided, research-based tours especially suited for school classes or adults are offered.

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