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Lucas Cranach the Elder


    In 1541 during the Reformation, the educated and pomp loving Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg was forced to leave his residence in Halle (Saale) and resettled in Aschaffenburg bringing with him wagonloads of goods. The Altar of Saint Magdalene, along with other magnificent artefacts brought to Aschaffenburg, was intended to furnish the “New Collegiate Chruch” in Halle, which Albrecht had originally chosen to be his own burial place.

    Since Albrecht’s relocation the panels have been displayed at the Stiftskirche St Peter and Alexander in Aschaffenburg. The altar was made by the famous artist Lucas Cranach and his workshop circa 1525. Its life-size outer panel paintings depict saints while the spectacular central panel shows the Resurrection of Christ. The “Altar of Saint Magdalene” is an immense altarpiece, which reflects the image of man during the transformation period of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

    For the first time in many centuries, after been dispersed in separate locations, the altar’s surviving panels have again been reunited at the Stiftsmuseum in Aschaffenburg.

    Lucas Cranach t.E., workshop, St Martin. The saint bears the features of Albrecht of Brandenburg. Oil on lime wood. ABout 1524

  • Cranach at the Stiftsmuseum

    Besides the glitter of gold and silver, the Magdalena Altarpiece from the workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder is a highlight of the Treasury in the Abbey Museum.

    It represents one of the most outstanding works of German painting from the Reformation Age.

    In the “Cranach Room” additional works by the artist attest to his mastery.


    Lucas Cranach d. Ä. und Werkstatt, Herkules und Omphale, um 1530.

  • Cranach at the Palace

    One focus of the State Gallery in Johannisburg Palace is the large number of works by Lucas Cranach the Elder and his school.

    Due to extensive renovation work at Johannisburg Palace the art gallery (branch of the Bavarian State Painting Collections), the Vestment Chamber and the Princely Apartments are closed until further notice.

    Art Gallery in Johannisburg Palace

    Lucas Cranach d. Ä., Weibliche Halbfigur mit Federhut, 2. Viertel 16. Jahrhundert